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4 APLIKASI HERMENEUTIKA DALAM BAHTSUL MASA’IL DAN MAJLIS TARJIH Jurnal Al-Risalah Abstract: The article discusses the implementation of hermeneutics study and specifically criticizes two methods of istinbath al-ahkam (production of law) employed by two major Indonesian Muslim organizations, namely Muhammadiyah and Nahdlatul Ulama (NU). The two methods of production of law that are applied, i.e. Majlis Tarjih of Muhammadiyah and Bahtsul Masail of NU, are now seen irrelevant. This is because these two methods would trap Muslim people within legal jurist of the past by ignoring contemporary context. Therefore, it is expected that through hermeneutics method the jurists are able to capture the values of truth which are hidden behind the text in which the text itself is a manifestation of language. And the language when it is spoken, the spoken matter is essentially not about itself but it is about its subject. Download
5 NIKAH BEDA AGAMA DALAM PANDANGAN LIBERALIS DAN PERATURAN PERKAWINAN DI INDONESIA Jurnal Al-Risalah Abstract: This paper examines the liberal Muslim intellectuals view on inter religious marriage, arguing that liberal muslims judgment on the legality of inter religious marriage is in contradiction with the pronouncement of the existing state law on marriage such as No. 1 Tahun 1974, No. 9 Tahun 1975, and the state compilation of Islamic Law. Furthermore, using Islamic legal reasoning, the paper stresses that the disadvantages (mudharat) of inter-religious marriage overweigh its advantages (maslahah) and because it's a liberal muslim intellectual opinions are less relevant to the concept of Islam. Download

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